Saturday, May 16, 2015

Reflection on Psalm 119

    Reading all 176 verses of Psalm 119 reminds me that God's expectations are perfection, but as we all know that is impossible (Romans 3:23).  This entire psalm makes me more thankful for my faith in Jesus Christ because in the Tanakh (Old Testament) God gives 613 commands that define his expectations of perfection, and maturity.
    Before Jesus shed his atoning blood, 613 commandments were required to fulfill the law and salvation.  This was a constant problem because EVERYONE of God's people (the Jews) fell short, but most tried to uphold these to the best of their ability which made the sacrifice of God's one and only Son, Jesus all the more meaningful.
    Isaiah 53 points out that He would suffer much and die for our transgressions.  Thank You Holy Father for sending us Your Son, Jesus!  What an amazing thing it is that God would do whatever it takes to give His only Son to live a perfect life and die in our stead for reasons undeserved so that we could be found as white as snow, though our sins be red as crimson (Isaiah 1:18; Job 9:33; John 1:29).
     About works and salvation I would suggest reading Romans 6.  Living a willingly sinful life and being saved by the blood of Christ is like a top of the line trained professional in any line of business willingly, and consistently doing things in an unprofessional manner.  Why would anyone do that unless they're ignorant, or not really a professional at all but a poser instead.  The same is with Biblical salvation, and the thought itself calls for serious self evaluation and reflection of the believer in Jesus Christ, their Lord and Savior.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Envelope

   The other night my wife, children and I were playing "Clue" (the crime scene mystery game) when Kim,  my wife,  came up with a great idea for before we started playing.   She said something along the lines of, "how about a word before we start.  Something to teach the boys".  I thought it was a great idea.  
   I looked down at the game and it just came to me,  inspiration from the Holy Spirit no doubt.   I began to speak something like this:
"Well boys,  do you see this game?   The pieces,  the moving spaces....?  Well this is kind of like us when we're gong through life.   We're doing our best,  but it doesn't always happen the way that we'd like it to happen."
I continued,  "Do you see this envelope?  Inside this envelope is information that we don't know yet, but God knows.   This envelope is like God.   It carries information that we won't know until later on.   We do our best in life and not worry because God has all the answers that we don't. "
   I thought this was a great illustration and I felt like God was speaking to Kim and I through it.   We're going through times in life that seem bleak and make us feel helpless,  etc... but God has all the answers, and if we could learn to just put our trust in Him, stand on His Word and know that God is ultimately in control and wants the best for you then you could learn a peace that surpasses all understanding (by of which I will write on this topic soon).
   May Father God bless you in the name of His Son,  Jesus.   Amen.