Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Take On Gay Marriage, and the Recent Supreme Court Ruling

Disclaimer:  I myself do NOT support gay marriage, but I'm not going to insult, or turn red in the face on the issue.

I felt compelled to write about this topic, but a friend of mine's take on the situation inspired me to post this today.  I might as well just quote his Facebook post word for word:

Do I support gay marriage? Yes...Do I support religious freedom? Yes...Do I support States rights? Yes...Keeping all of those in mind, this isn't as simple as just making gay marriage legal and that be the end of it. It's a little more complex than that.First, does the federal government have the authority to force states to make gay marriage legal? No... It is up to each state to choose. That choice is protected under the 10th amendment.Second, should the churches be forced to marry gay couples despite their religious beliefs. No... Churches have the right to refuse marrying a gay couple based on their religious beliefs. That is protected under the 1st amendment.Now, how do we solve this?All governments, federal, state, county and local, need to relinquish control of marriage and give it back to the church. Marriage is a religious institution. Before religion, there was no marriage. The states then need to create a process for Civil marriages, aka "Civil Union".If a gay or straight couple want to join legally, they would have two options. First, if you want a "Marriage" you go to the church. Keeping in mind that the church can refuse based on their religious beliefs. I am sure there would be quite a few churches that would marry a gay couple but that decision should be the church's. If you get married through the church, gay or straight, you get two copies of the marriage certificate signed by the priest, pastor, etc, and take one of them to the county clerk so it can be filed.Now if you can't get married through the church or don't want to, gay or straight, you go to the county clerk and get two copies of a civil union certificate filled out, take them to a JP who would then join you in a civil union and sign both certificates. Then take one of the signed certificates back to the county clerk to be filed.Both marriage and civil union would be equal in the eyes of the law.In my opinion this is what would be best and make everyone happy.It's not so much a gay rights thing as much as it is a separation of church and state thing.


I agree with my friend on this, of course with the exception of the first sentence.  Why is it that the LGBT community want to, "redefine marriage" when it always has been, and still is a religious institution?

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